We all have those amigos who are always leaving on vacations to warmer destinations – don’t worry, we don’t like them either. What if we told you that you could enjoy an authentic Mexican experience without ever having to visit the airport?

Tropical has been a Latin scene staple for over nine years in Calgary. With it’s convenient downtown location, this is the perfect spot to enjoy food, drinks and music that make you feel like you’re on vacation.

When you think Mexican street food the first things that probably come to mind are tacos and guacamole – if not, you’re doing Mexican wrong. Tropical has developed the perfect menu for anyone wanting to enjoy the same tacos you had on the beach in Mexico. Obviously nachos are an important food group that you cannot neglect when visiting this local destination and they have several different varieties to choose from! If you’re like us then you won’t want to share these incredible dishes, but that’s okay because they have large share plates for the table.

If you love to dance or just enjoy some great Latin style music while you eat then Tropical has got you covered! And no we’re not talking about Despacito, although we must admit that song is annoyingly catchy. This place transforms at night into a Latin style club and will make you want to dance all night long, so ladies bring a pair of flats. If you want to take a dance break then head up to the mezzanine and do some people watching – everyone does it.

If you can’t make it out on the weekend or for any of Tropical’s amazing events, don’t panic. Tropical offers the same menu, atmosphere and energy during the week, along with some amazing specials like 50% off nachos, Taco Tuesdays and Thursdays and of course $6 margaritas and mojitos! Speaking of cocktails, Tropical has an expansive selection of Mexican drinks to choose from so make sure you don’t drive yourself down there – get your “responsible” friend to do it.

Now go tell your amigos that you’re also visiting a Tropical destination. The only thing they can’t help you with is the tan.

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