The sun might not be absolutely cooking this weekend, but the rooftop patio at the Porch has stirred something up that will definitely get you feeling like you’re on a beach somewhere. Grab a group of friends, toss on your slickest patio duds, and get ready for a hurricane courtesy of the Patron Margarita Tower.

The Porch Toronto

  • Where: 250 Adelaide St W

For $175 dollars you’re going to get yourself around 10 margs worth of, well… margs. Do some quick math and that’s a pretty solid deal considering you’re drinking top shelf Patron.

Obviously the move here is to round up some friends and get the night started with a bang but you could always stroll from table to table taking slugs from the nearly 3 litres of margarita you’re hauling around (don’t do this unless you want your night to end quickly and messily).

We love these towers, but we really love the CN Tower. We guess its a good thing then that the Porch rooftop patio is sitting in perfect view of the CN Tower because we really, really love getting the best of both worlds.

With three different flavours, ample opportunity for solid instagram pics, and enough liquor to send you and your friends into the perfect zone for the rest of the night, we’re pretty sure this weekend is looking like the one where you’ve gotta hit up porch for one of these towers.